Monday, August 29, 2011


I think I have a great family doctor. 

• He takes time and listens.
• He explains things well.
• He understands my knowledge of medicine and medical ethics.
• He understands that I see him as a team-mate on my health care team.
• He works well with other professionals.

But he is making changes.

He sees the importance of complementary forms of medicine. It's called a number of this, including "Integrative Medicine." Focus is on issues of food and lifestyle, and getting toxins out of one's body. And while there are critics, it seems to me those critics are people who have not studied the process to any degree. Indeed, my doctor treats my conditions with pharmaceuticals that other doctor would use.

While this is all good, integrative medicine is what he intends to focus on in the future. He's become a specialist. And while he will continue to help me with some of my concerns, I need to find a new family doctor for everyday aches and pains.

I think I'm a bit old having to do this all over again — finding a new family doctor. The ones who are coming out of medical school are younger than my children!

I think it's called "living in interesting times."

BTW, how good do you think your family doctor is?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's been about a year since my last post here. And I've done a another complete meds review with my doctors (yup; two of them).

The result is that I think I'm taking fewer, but better, medications. And I am feeling a great deal better. That is because, in part, there are newer medications which are available, which have made a huge difference.

Probably the most significant change for me is that I am in much less pain. Living almost painless now. Thanks to the meds. That is a HUGE change for me.

The upshot is that I am physically stronger, and my thinking is clearer. I've found a "base" that is solid, from which I think I can do a bit of rebuilding in my life.  I don't expect that you will see any major changes any time soon (or at all). But I'm starting to feel the changes. "Starting to."