Monday, August 16, 2010

MINDING MY MEDS (Conclusion)

I had my appointment with the doctor today. He couldn't find, or think of, any reason why I've had this negative drug interaction.  So, he's done the best he can do.

The only possibility is that there is something else going on in me, of which neither not I is aware. It would be, in doctorese, "an additional underlying condition."

Or maybe its simply my body, which has something just a little different from usual, and is giving me problems. (You, of course, already know that Bear is "a little different from usual," and will nod your head, knowingly, at the comment.)

So, back to my previous combinations of medicines. We'll see how that works out, in a day or two.

In the meantime, thanks for your expressions of concern and support.

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Nancy, in her Life in the Second Half, has raised some interesting issues about medications. I encourage you to take a look.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I think I've gotten to the bottom of why I've been feeling so awfully poorly as of late. A bad drug reaction. Or, more specifically, a bad drug interaction — something I've just started taking isn't getting on with something I've been taking for a while.

I suppose I could blame the doctor or pharmacist for this potentially life-threatening situation. They're supposed to be looking after me! Right?

Well, actually, uh, no. Their jobs are to help me look after me. Quite a different story.

If one is going to take the meds, one ought to read up on what one is taking. Our pharmacy actually gives out information on the drugs being dispensed. It makes sense to read the bulletin. It's just that I hadn't remembered one of the details about one of the other pills I've been taking for a while. So, when I suspected a drug mismatch, to the computer and do the research. The problem became immediately obvious. As did the solution. (I understand the priority of the medications, because I understand the priority of the situations the medications are set to overcome; the joy of having a physician who explains things well.)

Have you even had a bad drug experience?

And what do you think of the notion that each of us is responsible for his/her health, with the assistance of professionals? (Quite different from many peoples' attitudes these days.)

I fully realize that we live in an age of "entitlement," in which people take for granted many of the services provided. What are the benefits, and what are the dangers of this sense of entitlement?

I'll be writing more on this, in due course

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The purpose of this blog has shifted a bit over time. But I want to keep it focused on issues related to the care of people and animals. (I'm adding animals because I'm increasingly involved in animal care and research issues at the University of Saskatchewan.)

Like developing characters in a novel, one just never quite knows how things will turn out, even when one has something in mind. So, as I've said elsewhere, "Please Bear with me on this adventure."